Quality Excellence

Quality, Integrity, Responsibility and are our hallmarks.

Our team is nurtured to be quality conscious craftsmen with years of experience and up-to-date relevancies. Amax prides itself on the strong relationships it builds with its customers, suppliers and employees.

Quality Policy

As an ISO:9001:2000 certified and registered company, you can be assured of our policy to place quality above any other
objective. It is our goal to provide you with Defect-Free products and services that satisfy every requirement, on time, every time.

We’re responsive.

Because we’re nimble and flexible in our approach, we can respond the needs customers at the drop of a hat. We get ourselves really involved in key aspects of operations, such as Supplier Management Inventory (SMI) or Kanban System.

We’re technologically driven.

We push ourselves ahead of the competition by targeting Class 1 components. To meet such exacting standards, we invest in quality hardware. And we match that with software such as the Continued Improvement programme to achieve high productivity results.

We deliver quality.

We’re proud to reflect a 99-100% Quality Acceptance track record, being certified as a Ship-to-Line Supplier. We never expect anything less than speedy turnaround, low rejection rates, and minimum stock inventories so we’re always on time, every time.

We’re competitive.

By adopting Lean concepts in our organisational practices, by applying efficient inventory control to eliminate waste, by strategically locating our manufacturing facilities, we ensure we’re most cost-effective in the market.